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About SuperShowRigs.com

    SuperShowRigs.com was started originally as just a small website to post various pictures that I took at the different shows I went to back in the early 2000s.  But as I started enjoying the shows more and more I slowly expanded the website.  Added several of my close friends photos to make an On The Road area for people other than myself to post pictures.  As the website grew thru word of mouth more shows from all over the country were slowly added as more people sent us in photographic coverage, which by the way anyone who attends any show  can send them to us and we will gladly post them up for everyone to see.

       As the years went by the site grew along with it, adding more sections along with better and better show coverage.  From the start, and this will never change, SSR has always been FREE and will continue to be that way.  Then after many years of attending various shows, I finally put together my own and to this day still host my own truck shows along with help sponsor various events and fundraisers that I can.   So, to put it as simple as I can, SuperShowRigs.com is more than just a website with truck pictures to me.  The trucking industry and trucks period, have been a passion of mine from an extremely young age.  So if you're into trucks, working or show trucks, this website will fill your TRUCK FIX very easy. 

        So, if you have any suggestions, comments, and or photos you want to submit for the website please email me today, or visit our Facebook fan page.  Thanks again for all the support for those who have been with us from the start or even the new fans!  This new website, and the many plans I have in store for the future will be quite exciting!

Thanks Again Everyone,
    Joshua Riccio

Owner/Webmaster of SuperShowRigs.com
(Danielle Quinn - Assistant Photographer)

Email: SuperShowRigs@yahoo.com

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